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Mr. Maybin Mwangala Zambia WorldFish
I am currently working on:

Work with rural communities especially poor and vulnerable women and children through development of seasonal food availability calendars to help the communities bleach the nutrition gaps.

Mme Maria de los Angeles Franco Peru PUCP
I am currently working on:

Life Cycle Assessment in Agriculture

Marcio Araujo Brazil Laureate International Universities
Mme Sekai Winnie Mswaka Netherlands Van Hall Larenstein School of Applied Sciences
I am currently working on:

Am currently studying Masters - Management of Development Specialising in Food Security

Emily Jackson États-Unis d'Amérique Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project
I am currently working on:

Integrating local food and Farm to school into undergraduate education and health science majors coursework and into graduate dietetic programs. Project is called Growing Minds @ University and we are currently working with four universities.

Dr Pascal Tiakpacoura BONIMY Guinea Unicef
I am currently working on:

Documentation des interventions nutritionnelles en Guinée et intégration de la nutrition dans la nutrition dans les politique publiques avec la société civile

Prof Edita Vilcapoma Peru
I am currently working on:


Mr. Dror Tamir Israel Steak TzarTzar
I am currently working on:

Mass rearing of grasshoppers for human consumption in East Africa

Mme Neha Santwani India Save the Children India
I am currently working on:

Infant and YounN Child Feeding, Global Acute Malnutrition, Micronutrient Deficiency, WASH, Public Health Nutrition