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Dr John Hoddinott États-Unis d'Amérique IFPRI
Mme Rosemary Mwaisaka Afghanistan
I am currently working on:

Managing Food and nutrition security programs

Mr. Gustavo Secilio Argentina Instituto de Ética y Calidad en el Agro, EticAgro
I am currently working on:

Director EticAgro y Consultor internacional

Mr. Girma Yadete Ethiopia South Gondar Zone Tach Gayint
I am currently working on:

As chief of party for development food assistance program

Mme Valeria Poggi Bangladesh FAO
I am currently working on:

Sustainable agriculture development in rural areas

Prof Gregory Ziegler États-Unis d'Amérique Penn State University
I am currently working on:

Indigenous foods of Africa.

Mme babita pokhrel Nepal rrn
I am currently working on:

social work

Mr. Yesake Demeke Andeyhun South Africa Stellenbosch University
I am currently working on:

I am doing my Msc in Agricultural Economics at Stellenbosch University. Currently I am busy with my thesis which focus on African food security situation analysis more specifically on Food availability, affordability and utilization analysis. I made a specific consideration of the African states linked with current FDI on large-scale commercial farming.

Prof Simran Sethi Australia University of Melbourne
I am currently working on:

A book about the loss of agricultural biodiversity in our food chain and the ways in which we can conserve foods (crops, meats, aquatic life) through consumption.