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Marco Marco Antonio Luisito Villanueva Sardillo III Philippines Presidential Commission on Good Government
Marco Knowles Italy FAO
Marcio Pacheco Ribeiro Brazil Faculdade de Agronomia - UFRGS
I am currently working on:

Research on soil science

Marcelo Silva Marcelo Ecuador ONG
I am currently working on:

Competitive plans for agriculture

Marcelo Moreano Ecuador World Food Program
Philippon Maureen Belgium European Commission
Ray Australia The Inn, At Stonehall
Mathew Mbake Ireri Kenya Ministry of Health
I am currently working on:

Coordination of nutrition security activities in the district. These include the IMAM,CMAM,IYCFE and other nutrition activities like micronutrient control programmes and the capacity building on nutrition. I am also part of food security team of the district.
i work in rural arid district called Isiolo