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Mme ayesha farrukh Pakistan university
I am currently working on:

food security policies in Pakistan and their critical evaluation

Dr Thoric Cederstrom États-Unis d'Amérique
Dr Corinna Hawkes United Kingdom
I am currently working on:

policies for noncommunicable disease prevention through nutrition

Mme Meron Girma États-Unis d'Amérique Oklahoma State University & Hawassa University
I am currently working on:

PhD student
Research focus:elucidation of the functional consequences of micronutrient malnutrition among mothers and children in resource limited settings

Current work:Vitamin D during pregnancy and lactation in tropical regions

Mr. Raghavendra Guru Srinivasan India Independent
I am currently working on:

A paper : Conceptualizing clean development mechanism for food energy which also includes simplification of food taxes and prevention of obesity.

Mme Erin Tansey South Africa World Food Programme
I am currently working on:

Food, Nutrition and HIV in Africa

Mme nadege koukoui Côte d'Ivoire ets gastronomique YOREV
Mme Laura Astete Robilliard Peru Instituto de Investigación Nutricional
I am currently working on:

Food Security project, with multi-sectorial approach (Linkages Agriculture & Nutrition): I am working  in a project with a collaborative programmatic approach and with multiple institutions, including NGOs and research institutes in Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru.
In the institution I work, we lead de nutrition aspect of the project (impact pathways agriculture - nutrition), giving support for optimum infant and young child feeding (IYCF) through nutrition education. 

Mme Gabriela Sallinas Mexico UNAM
I am currently working on:

Food chemistry, food safety, food technology, proteins, black beans, bioprocess