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Mme SophiaGreen Green États-Unis d'Amérique
Mme Ana Gabriela Monzon Reyes États-Unis d'Amérique Fulbright
I am currently working on:

Research as a U.S. Fulbright student about the development of the agri-food sector in in Brazil.

Mme Rasha Tayeh Australia
I am currently working on:

I'm a public health nutritionist working on various food access, sustainability and urban agriculture projects in Melbourne. I am the founder and convener of the Moreland Food Gardens Network http://www.morelandfoodgardensnetwork.org/

Mr. Edwin Tamasese Samoa Soil Health Pacific Ltd
I am currently working on:

Sustainable agricultural inputs and training for farmers in the Oceania region.

Dr Jader José Oliveira Brazil Planning and Internal Management
I am currently working on:

I'm working whith public budget.

Mme Odette Elisabeth Guerel-Bailé Touane Central African Republic
I am currently working on:

Je suis présidente de toutes les organisations paysannes de Centrafrique et les femmes rurales de Centrafrique.

Tora Galway Italy Rome
I am currently working on:

Livelihoods, Entrepreneurship, and Institutional Development, with a special professional interest in the development impact of remittances.