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Sabine Pallas Italy International Land Coalition
I am currently working on:

Women's access to and control over land

Stephen Thornhill Ireland Dept of Food Business & Development, University College Cork, Ireland
I am currently working on:

Lecturing in international development, focussing on food policy, agri-food market information and food security. Current research focus is the impact of biofuels on food security, plus market information systems and services for promoting markets and reducing price volatility

Netherlands Humana The Netherlands
Saa Dittoh Dittoh Ghana University for Development Studies, Tamale, Ghana
I am currently working on:

University for Development Studies
Nyankpala Campus
P.O. Box 1882
Tamale, Ghana

Sally Abbott États-Unis d'Amérique
SHANTI ZAMORA MORENO Colombia sabha Gourmet E.U
I am currently working on:


Sabiha Lageard United Kingdom
I am currently working on:

Currently working in a data management company. Mainly because, due to various restructuring programmes at universities, part-time teaching is no longer viable. I however, long to become involved in issues that I have received considerable training and feel passionate about. I therefore make a plea to you to give me an opportunity so that I can not only fulfil my dream that I have been nurturing since 1994, but can also contribute in developing a viable basic food agenda.
I have been very interested to see the recent attention which has been given to food security issues in the UK. Meeting the goal of ‘Low impact diet’ by 2012 is very commendable, but requires uncompromising commitments from the consumers, producer and suppliers, and also an action plan to put it in place ensuring implementation of the commitments. The three priority areas identified by the Council of Food Policy in their report (September 2009) in order to address the food security and sustainability issues in the UK as well as globally, are definitely steps in the right direction.
My particular interest stems from completing a PhD (1993) on the sources and supply of basic food in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Although the study area was not in the UK, the factors influencing food security are common to all countries. I not only attempted to define ‘basic food’ in my thesis, but also investigated average household expenditure on food and the ‘sources and supply’ of basic food bundle. I continued furthering my interest in this issue through teaching undergraduate students at Keele, Staffordshire and Manchester Metropolitan Universities (1994-2008). It is interesting to note that the importance has shifted from merely improving peoples access to basic food to the sustainability of the sources used. Supply of basic food is no longer simply measured by availability of and accessibility to the identified basic food bundle. Along with accessibility and availability, we now have to take into consideration the environmental cost of the production and consumption and the eco footprint of the supply channel. Sustainability of basic food supply therefore demands a two pronged solution - sustainable production and consumption.

Sabrina Ionata Granheim Norway Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences
Radu ROATIŞ CHEŢAN Romania National Authority for Food Safety, Food security and Sanirar Veterinary
I am currently working on:

President –Secretary of State of Romanian NSVFSA (Romanian National Authority for Food Safety, Food security and Sanirar Veterinary), Member of Comparative Oncology Mediterranean Forum – Gevova, Italy; Member of Romanian Academy of Comparative Medicine Committee ; Member of Center for Advanced Studies for the Prevention of Bioterrorism