The Global Food Security Information Network (FSIN) Stakeholder Consultation

Building a network and a community of practice that works for you!

The FSIN is a global community of practice to help strengthen national and regional information systems and/or networks on food and nutrition security where they exist, or facilitate their establishment where needed. Collaboration through FSIN is open to national, regional and global institutions, development agencies, NGO’s, private sector, academics and individual food security professionals interested in sharing knowledge and in investing in strengthened capacity on food security and nutrition information systems.

The establishment of the Food Security Information Network (FSIN) was reviewed and discussed last year by a wide variety of stakeholders during a consultative conference held in Nairobi, Kenya. The stakeholders at this conference endorsed a Road Map for the establishment of FSIN, and tasked an informal committee with representatives from FAO, IFPRI and WFP to prepare the launch of FSIN. This committee has prepared a project document and raised some start up funds. The launch of FSIN is scheduled for 10-12 October in Rome with the first meeting of the Advisory Board and technical meetings. The results of this FSN Forum consultation will feed into these meetings. On 16 October (World Food Day), FSIN will also be presented to a wider audience at a side event of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) meetings to be held from 15-20 October.

The overall objective of this consultation is to improve the design of FSIN and to guide its implementation. FSIN is being set up to facilitate your work, so you have a clear stake in helping us to shape a network that works for you!

Specific objectives of this consultation are:

  • To validate whether the overall thrust of the FSIN initiative fits the perceived needs
  • To identify key gaps in food security and nutrition information, and related capacity development
  • To identify how the FSIN can best communicate with its members 

To join this consultation please go to and fill out the (short) registration form.

You can then immediately login with your email address and your chosen password and post your comments. For assistance please do not hesitate to contact the FSN Forum Team at

The consultation page is also available in French and Spanish and we welcome contributions in 
these languages.

Looking forward to your active participation! 

Best regards,
Thijs Wissink, Facilitator