Re: Topic 3 – How to make the FSIN work for you?

Mr. Getachew Abate Mussa FEWS-NET, Ethiopia
10/01/2012 - 15:01

Dear Moderator,


Please find my comments on each Topic



I fully support the FSIN initiatives as it is designed to improve the system for timely and appropriate food security information for action in support of decision making process. Since the quality of food security information depend on the level of technical as well as institutional capacity, a strong focus on capacity development has to be the first priority of the initiative The food security issue is multidisciplinary. It can not be done by one agency unless coordinated system is in place at national level to bring together all sectoral issue pertinent to food security. Therefore, I am always ready and interested to work with other stakeholders. In Ethiopia, different agencies are working in different parts of the country on food security issues. The majority participate in different sectoral task forces where food security information is shared widely on ad hock base. However, the food security information network is not yet fully integrated. Therefore, FSIN can promote to establish food security information network at sub national levels (regional/Zonal/District) and linking with national food security coordination system.



In the case of Ethiopia, different agencies are collecting different food security information as per the agencies interest. The main sources of information are those government office at district level . The data collection and management issues at district level is challenging. lack of skilled manpower, lack of equipments, and poor communication system affect the timeliness, consistency, relevance of the information provided. More over lack of data backup system at different administrative level, it is not easy to do time series food security data analysis. Therefore, to address these problems, I would like to suggest the following specific activities to - Intensive training on food security data collection and management for all level - improve accountability and institution capacity of the Government Offices of different administrative level to have a sustainable food security information network - improved information communication systems of all level for timely information exchange - develop sector specif standards and methodologies to be used as the integral part of national/local food security analysis. The current national level methodology being used in Ethiopia is more food aid focused.



I am participating at national level task forces including Disaster Risk Management Technical Working Group (DRMTWG), Disaster Risk Management Agriculture Task Force (DRM-ATF), and Multi-Agency Nutrition Task Force (MANTF)are some to mentioned Since Sectoral Task Forces are active in Ethiopia which are dealing with issues specific to their sector, it would be good if FSIN design a strategy to help each task forces in the country to link the sectoral issues with food security in general The lesson I learn from East Africa Emergency Coordination in 2010, the web based information network is so important to inform division makers timely. Likewise it would be good if FSIN support to establish or strengthen the existing country level Food and Nutrition Information and communication systems