Re: Topic 3 – How to make the FSIN work for you?

Ms. Gilda Walter FEWS NET, Guatemala
10/01/2012 - 19:25

1. Do you already belong to a food and nutrition security information network at country/regional levels? Which one(s)? Yes, as FEWS NET, I belong to a technical committee in Guatemala, chaired by the National Food Security and Nutrition Secretariat (SESAN), to compile data related to food security, analyze it and make a 3-month projection on future food security conditions. In this committee participate government institutions as well as international organizations and NGOs.


2. How do you think FSIN can best support existing food and nutrition security information networks at country and regional level? By facilitating the exchange of data collection methods and methodologies for analysis,or the experiences of others, so that the existing networks can learn from other initiatives.


3. Where they don’t exist yet, how can FSIN best facilitate the creation of national and regional level networks? By providing ideas on how to create and manage them according to others' experiences. By enabling direct communication with the members of existing networks and those who are interested in create one. The knowledge and guide of those who have walk the path could be very welcome and useful. Also, the diversity of circumstances, since each experience will be different, could be very enlightening.


4. How can the FSIN website, and other communication means, support national and regional level networks? How should it coordinate with existing global initiatives? * Enabling interactive exchange of information within the members, through chat rooms, direct e-mail communication, blogs and other types of communal communication. * Publishing documents of standards, methods and tools for food and nutrition security information gathering, analysis and decision-making. * Providing access to new research related to food and nutrition security and its results.