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Toolkit and E-learning modules on nutrition-sensitive agriculture and food systems

FAO has just released the Toolkit and E-learning modules on Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture and Food Systems. This integrated package of guidance materials, developed by drawing upon expertise from across the Organisation and of many partners, aims at enhancing capacities for the formulation, implementation and monitoring of nutrition-sensitive food system policies and programmes, in line with the Rome Declaration on Nutrition, the SDGs and UN Decade of Action for Nutrition.

The “Toolkit for Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture and Food Systems” is composed by four tools:

  • Key recommendations for improving nutrition through agriculture and food systems
  • Designing nutrition-sensitive agriculture investments. Checklist and guidance for programme formulation
  • Nutrition-sensitive agriculture and food systems in practice. Options for intervention
  • Compendium of indicators for nutrition-sensitive agriculture.

The E-learning modules on Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture and Food Systems use a scenario-based and experiential learning approach to assist policy makers and programme managers to effectively integrate nutrition in their work.

Two modules are already available on-line:

  • Nutrition, Food Security and Livelihoods: Basic concepts
  • Improving Nutrition through Agriculture and Food Systems

These resources are freely available and downloadable at