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  • The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2014

    SOFI 2014 presents updated estimates of undernourishment and progress towards the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) and World Food Summit (WFS) hunger targets. The 2014 report also presents further insights into the suite of food security indicators introduced in 2013 and analyses in greater depth the dimensions of food security – availability, access, stability and utilization. In addition, this year’s report examines the diverse experiences of seven countries , with a specific focus on the enabling environment for food security and nutrition that reflects commitment and capacities across[...]
  • FSN Forum article on Street Food

    Street Food: The way forward for better food safety and nutrition This article summarizes the outcomes of an FSN Forum online discussion on Street Foods and is included in the publication: Street Food. Culture, economy, health and governance, just released by Routledge. Read more[...]
  • New course: Food security in an urbanising society

    Due to continuing rural-urban migration, over 50% of the world’s population now lives in densely populated urban areas. They rely heavily on all sorts of markets for their daily food needs. These are supplied through overstressed, complex agro-logistical networks that often fail. This course offered by the Centre for Development Innovation of Wageningen UR focuses on how rural production and urban market systems can be integrated such that rural and urban communities can access nutritious food that is both affordable and acceptable.[...]
  • E-Discussion on “Forward Thinking for ICT use in Asian Agri-Food Chains”

    From August 13th to September 5th CIARD will host the e-forum on “Forward Thinking for ICT use in Asian Agri-Food Chains” organized by AFITA, FAO and GFAR. This facilitated e-discussion will consider how agri-food chains in Asia may develop in the future (by 2030) and what roles will ICTs may play in their development. The future development of agri-food chains in Asia may also give direction to innovation in ICTs applied in these chains. This e-discussion will focus on what futures may happen for Asian agri-food systems and ICTs through research, innovation, changes in institutions,[...]
  • IPC Newsletter - July 2014

    The fourth issue of the IPC Newsletter highlights important initiatives and technical developments undertaken at global level, among them the Global Event on the Use and Impact of IPC, the Launch of the IPC Chronic Food Insecurity Classification and the new IPC Nutrition Classification initiative. It also features recent IPC impacts, results and progress achieved at Regional and Country Level in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Near East.[...]
  • National Seminar on Rural Youth in Family Farming: Need and Challenges

    National Seminar on “Rural Youth in Family Farming” at Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour on December 18-19, 2014. The seminar is an attempt to bring together the stakeholders like researchers, academic institutions, industries, government agencies, farmers, NGOs etc. together on a single platform. In order to address the need and challenges posed in the successful implementation of family farming in a holistic manner putting an added emphasis on current trends and aspirations of the youth in relation to family farming, the seminar aims to provide a forum to raise the awareness of the[...]
  • Call for articles: Nutrition values and family farming

    The ILEIA quarterly Farming Matters has issued a call for papers on: Nutritional values and family farming. The last issue of Farming Matters for 2014 will focus on how family farming and agroecology support the nutrition of family members and the wider community. The deadline is September 1st, 2014 Read more[...]
  • Promoting women’s participation and leadership in producers’ organizations

    Open online discussion hosted by FAO's TECA platform . The objectives of this discussion are: To share experiences of POs dealing with women's inclusion, participation and leadership issues To share successful experiences of women's participation and leadership in POs and cooperatives To understand better issues faced by women producers in POs and cooperatives To identify ways of strengthening women's participation and leadership within POs This discussion will start on Monday 23th June and last until 27th July, 2013. See more here:[...]
  • IPC Global Event on the Use and Impact of IPC

    The IPC Global Steering Committee is organizing a two-day IPC Global Event under the theme Use and Impact of IPC at the Global, Regional and Country Level which will take place on July 1-2 2014, at FAO-HQs, Rome Italy. The event will be also the platform to launch the IPC Chronic Food Insecurity Phase Classification as well as to present the the new IPC Nutrition Classification initiative . The IPC Global Event is structured as a two-day series of consultations and interactive seminars and consists of the following events: 1) On July 1, the IPC Partner & Donor Consultation is a targeted[...]
  • Innovative School Feeding Programme to Combat Extreme Poverty in Zanzibar

    On Wednesday 28 May the Government of Zanzibar launched a new innovative Home Grown School Feeding (HGSF) programme in collaboration with the Partnership for Child Development (PCD) and Table for Two to feed over 5000 school children, whilst simultaneously supporting local smallholder farmers by sourcing their produce for the school meals. “This programme is the first of its kind for Zanzibar and marks the Government’s awareness on the value of school meals for society as a whole” said PCD’s East Africa Senior Programme Manager, Iain Gardiner. He continued, “Not only will children be well fed[...]