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Regional Forum

In addition to its debates at global level, the FSN Forum facilitates networks and online platforms targeted at specific geographic areas that provide a channel for stakeholders to discuss regional priorities and take part in the drafting of regional food security policies.

FSN Forum in Europe and Central Asia

The Food Security and Nutrition Forum in Europe and Central Asia (FSN Forum in ECA) is a regional network on food security and nutrition where knowledge links with practice and policy decisions. By hosting online discussions in Russian and in English on topics relevant to the region, it provides an opportunity for local stakeholders to voice their ideas and concerns on food security and nutrition and to actively take part in the policy dialogue.

FSN Forum in ECA is fully integrated into overall activities of the FSN Forum and aims at allowing an exchange between regional and global food security and nutrition experts. In addition the open online discussions the FSN Forum in ECA allows to directly engage on a professional basis: once logged in, it is possible to browse the members list by country, affiliation and common professional interests and contact fellow experts.

FSN Forum in West Africa

The FSN Forum in West Africa aims at addressing topics that have a special interest for the region, supporting linkages between various initiatives taking place in West Africa related to food security, nutrition and agriculture and at raising awareness on most pressing issues through inclusive open online discussions and face to face events.

The FSN Forum in West Africa can also support policy formulation and processes by providing a channel for local, national and sub-regional West African stakeholders to actively contribute to existing initiatives, such as the new ECOWAS Hunger Free Initiative supported, among others, by FAO.

The FSN Forum in West Africa runs in French and English.

During the workshop “Towards a FSN Forum in West Africa” held in Accra, Ghana, on 20-21 November 2013, a selected number of FSN Forum members and representatives of regional institutions discussed the strategy and activities for the network. Outcomes are included in the strategy and work plan for the FSN Forum in West Africa.