Re: The e-Consultation on Hunger, Food and Nutrition Security

Ferdousi Begum FANTA, FHI360, Bangladesh

Dear All


Theme 1: Key lessons learned are -Malnutrition is not well visible phenomena, moreover in Bangladesh and in many other developing countries it doesn't link with GDP, again food security doesn't always mean all types of food security needed to prevent malnutrition by all which is vital to prevent malnutrition and finally like all others goals this goal didn't get equal attention by policy makers in the initial years while the goal was set like other goals. Challenges and opportunities towards achieving food and nutrition security in the coming years is the strong sustainable political commitment toward this goal.


Theme 2: Increase community ownership and awareness about the impact of malnutrition is the key. So develop long term sustainable TV commercials on IYCF and also addressing life cycle approach as malnutrition is inter generational problem which will help to increase demand and will ultimately guide improve governance, rights-based approaches, accountability and finally achieve political commitment in achieving food and nutrition security


Theme 3: Yes country specific regional objectives, target and indicators need to be set along with the UN Secretary-General objectives to tackle hunger, food security malnutrition. Again strong and sustainable political commitment, development of strategy to ensure visible involvement of multi-sectoral including private sector are the key here.


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