Re: The e-Consultation on Hunger, Food and Nutrition Security


Social protection is a huge factor in food security.


Consider all the people who are displaced in camps that cannot be involved in agriculture. It should also be considered that the people who have access to land are worst affected by malnutrition and food insecurity. Because even though subsistence farming is the pillar to fighting hunger today many youth are shunning any form of farming as a job for the poor and selling off their land to buy cars and motorcycles and move to towns.


In Uganda most farming or rearing for family consumption is done by the females in the family while the males are more into cash crops but most women do not own land and mostly use a male relations land there is always the possibility of being thrown off the land especially with the death of a husband even in cases where women have as many as 10 children. With the displaced people due to rebel activities in the area and general political unrest.


There is never enough time to cultivate as the people fear for their lives ,the rebels steal their food or they have to move to another town where there land less and cannot produce any food for the family. The role the government can play to ensure food security would include ground work or a bottom up Approach where solutions and problems are sought from the stake holders. Research on seed varieties that are adaptable to the weather and more pest resistant so farmers do not lose money and morale with heavy looses Education in form of conferences on best farm practices at the village (muluka) level for maximum impact. Low interest loans. Good quality farm equipment by not allowing substandard quality into the county Politically enabling environment.


Gender biases need to be addressed Preservation at the village level also needs to be put in place because there times of plenty and waste since we rely on seasons so small scale manufacturers should be encouraged Small corporations of farmers producing the same products are the best means of intervention for study groups and loans It is an all round achievement to attain food security.


There is an opportunity of employment and earning an income from being involved in food