Re: The e-Consultation on Hunger, Food and Nutrition Security

Pamela Morrison International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, United Kingdom

Please consider specifically highlighting breastfeeding as currently recommended by WHO and UNICEF as being one of the most important factors in achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.   In particular, funding currently over-supplied to providing thousands of babies and young children annually on emergency supplies of Ready to Use Therapeutic Foods would be better spent on teaching their mothers about the value of exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life and continued breastfeeding with normal household weaning foods for at least 2 years.  Such a strategy would enable mothers, and indeed countries to use their own sustainable resources rather than relying on hand-outs given as "aid".  Lastly, please consider as a matter of urgency disseminating the current recommendations for breastfeeding and antiretroviral therapy for HIV-positive mothers - please see WABA’s International Policy on HIV and Breastfeeding:  a Comprehensive Resource, released 3 December 2012, see