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Lou Pingeot NGO Working Group on Food and Hunger at the United Nations, United States ...

Theme 1: Challenges and Opportunities

In September 2011, the NGO Working Group on Food and Hunger at the United Nations submitted a policy statement to the UN General Assembly, addressing global policy around food and hunger issues, and highlighting the key areas that need attention. While the statement was published in 2011, these issues are relevant and need to be addressed in the post-2015 agenda. The fourteen points raised in the statement were the following:


1. Ecological Approaches to Food Production

2. The false promises of the “New Green Revolution” & Agro-Industrial Ideologies

3. Local Food Production and Food Sovereignty

4. Global Food Governance & the Committee on World Food Security

5. Land Rights and Land-Grabbing

6. Financial Speculation in food commodities markets

7. The impact of biofuels on food availability

8. Water

9. Soil Protection

10. Responsible investment in agriculture

11. Agricultural Families and Agricultural Labor

12. Nutrition & Food Quality

13. Other Issues (use of pesticides, ‘western’ diets, biodiversity, over-fishing etc.)

14. Food Enough for All Please find the full statement as an attachment.


The NGO Working Group on Food & Hunger was founded in December 2008 to coordinate NGO advocacy at the United Nations in New York on issues of hunger, malnutrition, agriculture and food production, and related matters. Spurred by the food crisis of 2008, the Working Group promotes better understanding and more effective action on these issues at UN headquarters. The Working Group brings together a number of NGO participants in New York, as well as corresponding participants from other worldwide locations. The Working Group maintains contact with civil society work at the Committee on Food Security in Rome.

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