Re: The e-Consultation on Hunger, Food and Nutrition Security

Nikki Lee Self-employed, United States of America

Breastfeeding promotion, protection and support is a global activity that addresses all 5 components of Theme 3.


Breastfed infants will have virtually 100% access to adequate food all year round. Most women can breastfeed, when their society welcomes and encourages it.


Breastfed children grow appropriately, and healthily.


Breastfeeding is an ecologically sound activity, a sustainable and renewable resource.


Breastfeeding enables smallholders to conserve their resources by reducing fertility and expenditure.


Breastfeeding is only wasted when it is not done. In a shrinking world and facing political and climate unrest, why encourage mothers to throw food away?


Breastfeeding for at least 2 years, with the gradual introduction of iron-rich complementary foods around 6 months is an appropriate objective for every country. This objective has no time limits, and will apply to today's generation and at least seven generations to come.