Re: The e-Consultation on Hunger, Food and Nutrition Security

Ernest Udeze GYPAM(Global Youth Plan Against Malaria, HIV/AIDs) , Nigeria

The issue of food security cannot be handled as a single entity. Borrowing a leaf from Africa, Nigeria is a case study: greater population of the masses suffer abject hunger occasioned by unemployment, bad government, natural disasters, crisis, terrorism etc just to be precise, and all this adversely affect the actualization of the MDGs. In Africa, where people are more prone to famine and starvation, people result in eating just anything to cushion the debilitating effect of hunger, lots of malnourished people litter many streets in several African countries.

In my many years social work in tropical Africa on malaria, I discovered that more people are more susceptible to malaria attack due to poor feeding situations and people rarely develop to full stature due to poor feeding. It is quite appalling that even in the presence of vast arable land in tropical Africa, Agricultural practices still suffer due to lack of support from Various African government and other Development partners. I so much believe that if grand mechanized farming is introduced in Africa, the issue of global food security will be achieved.