Re: The e-Consultation on Hunger, Food and Nutrition Security

Mahadeva Shanmugaratnam UN/FAO Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka

Dear Friends,


It has been a quite interesting and a learning processing to read all the contributions, I as well posted my contribution on 11/12/2012 which  I feel needs further elaboration in order to emphasize the need of a grass-root level planning that addresses the issues from bottom to top rather than that goes from top to bottom. 


"Any country it may be country with high human fertility or low human fertility country, ensuring self-employment through agricultural & livestock productions at least to one member of a vulnerable family with mobile assistance in all aspects to attain our objective of ensuring food all void of malnutrition. Land availability of vulnerable group shall not be a constraint in ensuring the self- employment of agricultural nature in a selected smallest area representing a particular community with appropriate crop and livestock selected for that community"


Further elaborating on this, the major limitation in implementing of such a self-employment agricultural & livestock and project for a particular community is lack of self-owned land by the vulnerable families.  


If a vulnerable family is owning a land could not involve in self-reliance for food production for other reasons such as lack of irrigation and other inputs necessary for the farming, the mobile unit moves into address the needs of that particular family on short term basis as well as  on long term basis. The important part is that particular vulnerable family is inducted and induced into the project at the earliest possible disseminating the knowledge needed by them.  


When it comes landless vulnerable families, which is obviously the most vulnerable group for hunger and malnutrition community farming system is undertaken to address the 10 to 15 land less families selected to be assisted by an organization or by the government itself of an famine vulnerable country to lease a land on a long term basis and the self-employment agricultural project implemented as for the self-owned land families. One or two members of a vulnerable family will work in that particular community farm based on the size of the land that would support conspicuously more than the number of individual members of families the community farming system is intended for. The assistance providing mobile organization will bear in mind that this is a self-employment project apart from addressing food need and malnutrition will establish a cooperative system within the community farming system so that produces and output are evenly distributed amongst the member families.


Based on the success of a particular community farming system, the cooperation criteria will be extended to the other community farming systems as well with individual self-owned farming system


The objective of this elaboration is to stress the need of grass-root level planning towards the Global Strategic Framework for Food Security and Nutrition and Zero Hunger Challenge.


The need of a Vulnerable Family who is most likely to involve dedicatedly in such projects , a community of vulnerable families, a village of vulnerable communities and finally many villages of a country is addressed which ensures gradual control over what is done and what is not done towards the final objectives in a country through an organization.