Re: The e-Consultation on Hunger, Food and Nutrition Security

Colin Sage University College Cork, Ireland

Key lessons? That setting targets is a largely meaningless exercise if the process for achieving them is not sufficiently robust. There is now overwhelming evidence to demonstrate that the consequences of climate change is placing agriculture under significant pressure in different parts of the world, leaving tens of millions more vulnerable each year. Until governments begin to demonstrate some real leadership on climate change, setting targets to reduce hunger seems like arranging deck chairs...


While all of the objectives of Theme 3 seem laudable, a strong and unwavering commitment to building sustainable food systems seems to me the right place to begin and one that might subsequently deliver on the other objectives. This would require rolling out programmes in support of agro-ecological farming methods at one end, while working to refashion food consumption norms around the world at the other, and particularly those of the world's richest societies.

See the attachment: IJAS Commentary v10n3.pdf