Re: The e-Consultation on Hunger, Food and Nutrition Security

Jean Laurent Bungener Consultant, France

Theme 1:

There are no real progress because scientific ecoligy has not been integrated inside development program. Market and business have dominated the vision of development. Now this is changing. But  to achieve this goal it is important to transform  the key human ressources challenges. using the right people at the right places. Biologist and there systemic vision and multidisciplinary skills have to be formed to manage social, market and agronomic works.

Botanical, zoological and ecosystem knowledge must have the first places, it is on this fundations that human nutrition could be securized. Agroecology is not agronomy, investment should take time into account, and human behaviour would be adapted to natural efficiency. So technology would be adapted to soil ecology, human and animal ressources , and richness of population.

Theme 2

Field size and property rights, peace, and cooperative organisation are the best way to manage self controled action on agroecological system wich are commons. the more actors you have the more controls are done, see water distribution in the alpine swiss countryside.  The next 20 years land use could be a rush for the richer against the poorer(see corea, china ou saoudi arabia in africa)  , protecting the farmer against investor with land rights, high prices and investment is the first goal, the next target is improving there knowledge.

Theme 3

From the rainy contries to the driest the goal couldn't be achieve in the same time,

- Number of biomass produced per acre /year

- liter of water used to produce 1 daily portion for 1 human

- amount of fertilizer, pesticides, and energy used per acre/year

- work force and work time needed for producing 1 ton of cereales/year

- capital gain per acre/year

- index of education

- most common disease/year