Re: The e-Consultation on Hunger, Food and Nutrition Security

Sergio Tripi Good News Agency, Italy


Unity-in diversity and Sharing are the two emerging values that are at the basis of all MDGs. They reveal the key to further and accelerated progress by matching each milestone of each MDG with the choice people are asked to make: will we free the financial resources needed for these milestones by diverting them from the military expenditure? Very tangible examples would enhance the crucial importance and responsibility of each specific choice. For instance: how many schools can be established by converting the expenses for a battle aircraft into a program of education?

This approach of reiterating the choice and the relevant responsibility for its implications can gradually establish a constructive attitude on part of the public opinion based on a better understanding of the value of each choice - - in any field and for all MDGs. People's awareness of the huge financial resources that  can be converted gradually from the military to development could well be at the basis of all MDGs' programs, thus projecting on each choice a tangible evidence of its relevant ripercussions. And each program of each MDG, with its accent on the responsibility of the choce connected to it,  would contribute to the building of a critical mass that would increasingly make a difference and ignite a spontaneous evaluation of the choices that will have to be made in all fields.