Re: The e-Consultation on Hunger, Food and Nutrition Security

Martine Weve STOP AIDS NOW!, Netherlands

Thank you for this opportunity to comment.


This is a reaction to Ugo Gentilini’s request, for responses on the role of social protection in food security.


  • Social protection is eminent to promote and protect food security. Important to have a social protection measures in place to ensure that vulnerability of poor people can be reduced in a more sustainable way.


  • For PLHIV and people affected by HIV food security is an important issue. Without adequate nutrition PLHIV cannot adhere well to their needed medication intake. Food security and therefore social protection systems should be in place so that poor people and marginalised people, like people affected by HIV have access to their basic daily needs, e.g. nutritious food intake. Social protection systems and measures should therefore be accessible to all in need, most marginalized and vulnerable (no discrimination).


  • Governments and partners constraints in Social protection:
    • - Obvious financial constraints are there. Support on tax system strengthening is needed. Other ways of financing for the system, through community support efforts.
    • - There is a need for national social protection system or policies… At the moment, many countries do not have a national policy, so different efforts by different stakeholders, duplication of efforts etc., only focus on one area etc.
    • - Problems with targeting, not really most marginalised reached and fear for dependency.


  • Opportunities:
    • - Social protection and food security floor initiatives to be combined = should be pro-poor and pro-growth (preventive, protective, promotive and transformative social protection objectives).
    • - Rights-based approach and Child and HIV sensitive.
    • - Role of Civil Society in correct targeting, distribution, implementation.
    • - Role of beneficiaries., SHG systems, kitchen gardens, community cooperatives
    • - Social protection measures to reach multiple goals: food security, right to education, health, shelter
    • - See, enclosed recommendations for social protection by the Stop AIDS Alliance.



Martine Weve, HIV and Livelihoods advisor