Re: The e-Consultation on Hunger, Food and Nutrition Security

Muhammad Khalid Jam Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations , Pakistan

Dear Moderator,


All three thematic areas are comprehensive but there are some general consideration which need to be addressed before compiling such a huge (expected) feedback from around the world. 


i- All themes need to be specific with reference to geographical or economical or political system distribution. as the hunger, food and nutrition are generally linked with the economical and political condition/system. 

ii- Goals (theme-3) would be more effective if the achievables are linked with time. 

iii- FAO and WFP from the UN system organizations are the key player regarding the hunger, food and nutrition agenda. I would also request to include many other well-known actors in the world working on the same lines with huge experience and innovations.


Thanks and best regards

Jam Khalid