Re: The e-Consultation on Hunger, Food and Nutrition Security

Econonist views on the go University of Guyana, Guyana

Dear Moderator,


With regards to Theme 1:  Key to the success of any initiative is an integrated approach by all stakeholders.


 In Guyana - South America, while we have had some amount of success with the “Grow More Food Campaign”, we have learnt that if we are to contribute significantly to reducing hunger, and attaining food security, we must collaborate with other nations who are in pursuit of same. With that being said, I was pleased to learn that official from Trinidad and Tobago visited Guyana in November to discuss plan to establish a “food security facility” in Guyana. It is widely known that Guyana has the potential to produce food to supply the entire Caribbean; however, over the year we have been faced with some challenges. Just to highlight a few:


  • - low levels of technical personnel/skills necessary to develop the agricultural sector
  • - provide nutritious foods as affordable prices
  • - inability to cope effectively with climate change
  • - low levels of mechanisation in the agricultural sector

I would like to think that many developing countries are in a similar position, and thus, by joining forces with other nation, the MDGs can be achieved.


Thank you and best regards