Re: The e-Consultation on Hunger, Food and Nutrition Security

Barack Ondanya Miriu Integrated Project, Kenya

Dear Fellows,


Let me take it with great honour to thank you very much on the efforts you are laying to ensure that we live in A World We Want. Each and every time ,we have a dream to be in A World free from hunger and   diseases.


During the current MDGS' as in Theme 1, there are some lessons that I came to learn as I observe from within my country the situations pertaining hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition:


Most communities still go without food. For example, there is a lot of hunger in most regions of North Eastern Province, an area which is seriously affected by drought. Most families can’t afford even a meal a day as they survive majorly on donations and support from well wishers. Kenya is a country with varied climatic conditions hence can produce  food in some areas as some go without. Generally, hunger as  a disaster is still common among the communities in the world.


Food security  has also not been achieved in Kenya. In case of severe famine, Kenyans do face severe hunger as we still have poor systems of food conservation. There are common disasters, which tend to affect the famers hence destroy the productivity of the country. Floods and drought will always destroy crops within the fields hence lowering the harvests leading to severe hunger.


Due to high level of poverty within the country, most children die due to malnutrition. For example, in Turkana where in the recent past, some families were recorded as they feed on bitter fruits of which some were poisonous. Other communities were also feeding on cats after a long severe drought. These children die due to marasmus.


In general, food security and hunger have not been dealt with in the recent past according to the current MDG 1.