Re: Consulta electrónica sobre "El hambre y la seguridad alimentaria y nutricional"


Caritas Internationalis is a global Confederation with 164 national members present in 200 countries and territories.

Inspired by the Catholic Social Teaching, the Caritas organisations are dedicated to contributing towards the eradication of poverty and social exclusion, the realisation of human rights and peace, and to challenging the structures of injustice and inequality throughout the world. In thousands of projects and institutions, Caritas organisations are in daily touch and interaction with millions of people experiencing poverty and hunger worldwide.

We call on UN officials and Member States (MS) leaders to make the fight against hunger a priority and ensure the right to food as the foundation for being able to develop peoples capacities and talents and living up to the outcome document of Rio + 20. Hunger today has systemic causes such as the volatility of food prices, land grabbing, unfair trade. We call for coordinated interventions to address both short‐term and recurrent food crises. The only hunger we should undergo is the hunger for justice, equity, ecological sustainability and joint responsibility. We call UN officials and Member States (MS) leaders to effectively agree on a ‘Zero Hunger’ goal as a commitment to end the most flagrant violation of human rights.

This paper will address key lessons learned during the current MDG framework, will look at the challenges for achieving Food and Nutrition Security and how Food and Nutrition Security should be best addressed, following the questions of the thematic consultation.


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