Re: The e-Consultation on Hunger, Food and Nutrition Security

Mark Smulders FAO, Italy

Dear FSN Forum participants,


In regard to the first theme of this consultation, there is an interesting document produced by the UN Task Team on the post 2015 development agenda with lessons learned from the overall MDG process.  It summarises strengths and weaknesses - and provides useful lessons on how we can go about developing a better development agenda beyond 2015.  It highlights the importance of a bottom-up approach, country-level consultations and the need to consider goals, targets and indicators that reflect continental, even country-level differences. It also recognises the importance of local conditions and the need to take into account the complexity of the development process.


These are all good points.  The question is: how can these lessons help us do better in formulating the next longer term (25-year?) development agenda? The report does not say much about hunger, food security and nutrition issues.  Hence, it would be good to hear from those of you working at country and regional levels on what are some of the specific lessons on this topic.


For example, to what extent has the hunger target under MDG1 been a useful instrument for achieving food and nutrition security objectives in your country or region?  Are there other, more effective ways, of ensuring food security and nutrition concerns are brought to the top of the policy agenda? And, beyond policies and programmes, what will it take to make a real difference at household - or even individual - level?


The full MDG lessons learned report can be found here:


Looking forward to a great discussion!

Mark Smulders, FAO/Rome