Re: The e-Consultation on Hunger, Food and Nutrition Security

Ronald Vargas FAO-Global Soil Partnership, Italy

I will refer now to a field that is continuously forgotten when referring to the main challenges towards achieving food security.


Sustainable management of soils has not been soundly addressed by any of the MDGs and nor by food security strategies and actions.


When looking at pillar 1 of food security referred to availability and considering the challenges of population growth, it is estimated that food production should be increased by 60%. Yet, soil degradation has been a very active process in most of the developing regions. Healthy soils are crucial for producing healthy and nutritious food, still because it is everywhere, we tend to overlook the fact that soil is a limited natural resource. Therefore, if we want to properly deal with the challenges of food security ahead, we should develop an integrated approach towards sustainable development and not only focus in some components of the system.


Definitely, the sustainable management of soils should be considered as one target  or component of the post 2015 sustainable development goals and of the zero hunger challenge.