Re: The e-Consultation on Hunger, Food and Nutrition Security

Prashant Anchal Aide et Action International, India

Dear Moderators,

Thanks for providing such platform. Here are few of my thoughts to address the issue. 


The basic issues like health and malnutrition in Madhya Pradesh are summarized as



The state has highest rate of infant mortality and malnutrition among children. Nearly 55 percent of all children below 3 years are under weight, 51 percent are stunted, 20 percent are wasted and 75 percent are anaemic.


Various reports of UNICEF state that out of every thousand live births 100 children die in the developing countries. Preventable diseases cause the deaths. Moreover, in M.P. a child dies every 5 minutes.


Proportion of children receiving immunization against all preventable diseases in the age group 12-24 months is only 22.4 percent.


Only 25 percent of children 6-35 months having received at least one dose of Vitamin 'A'.


Maternal mortality rate in the State, which is second highest in the country i.e. 379 per Lakh live births.


IMR is also highest at 72 per thousand live births.

One has to understand the fact that the high level of Maternal Mortality also contributes to the high level of Infant Mortality. Medium term health sector strategy for Madhya Pradesh-2006 has recognized the MMR at the rate of 400 per lakh but no projections has been made to reduce it by three quarters till 2015 in order to achieve the MDGs.


Some thoughts to address the issue of hunger/malnutrition


1. Community based integrated weighing mechanism for children
2.Effective educational materials to be given to mothers on Child's Health
3. Support the families to start home gardening to grow fruits and vegetables which helpful for the child's growth
4. Provide a Computer to the Centre to keep the records of all the children in the village. For this we should train a health volunteer to maintain this data base
5. We can also train Volunteers on Health and Hygiene of the Child and the mother
6. Each of these volunteers can be assigned number of families and they should have mobiles. If there is any issue for a child in their areas - sickness or any other issue, they should update the centre with a SMS, and the central data base will be updated.


I am working on a concept note for effective implementation of activities to address the issues of hunger/malnutrition, would be sharing on this platform soon.


Thanks and Regards 



Aide et Action International