Re: The e-Consultation on Hunger, Food and Nutrition Security

Carmen Florentina Radu Start Focus, Romania

What I would very much like to be developed is a global strategy and a common vision for 100 years in terms of food. And such a strategy is necessary. 100 years means hope, getting several generations into the topic and having a sustainable structure, for a common goal. With just a few years strategy, although it encourages to more rapid actions to achieve it, such case can be dropped out far more easily and contested, without reaching the sustainability point. Developing a strategy for 100 years would mean A. getting all the results of the researches until now and was was learned also through the MDGs, B. envisioning a future with healthy, affordable, safe food through consultations, for different age groups, different areas of the world according to their regional particularities, more developed and sustainable C. setting the goals D. establishing guideline steps(of 5, 10 years each), aid and monitoring structures.




Carmen Florentina Radu