Re: The e-Consultation on Hunger, Food and Nutrition Security

Mahesh Moodley Independent, South Africa

When we think of hunger one thinks of the bodies mechanism to instruct ourselves to seek for nutrients that will sustain and grow us as a species .However this endeavor has been complicated in this day in age. We come to an understanding that money is required to obtain resources so that we can create a life for ourselves and our families.


And this "money" we speak of is created by selling resources to each another. But we then question how much money is enough to create a life we want ?We  must realise  we live in a physically finite planet.


So do we walk a path were more is more which will lead us to ruin by placing profits before sustainability or do we adhere to a framework of enhancing our sustainability as a species  by identifying a carrying capacity so we all can live a life of equality based on communication across boudries, borders and states so that resources can be managed collectively for the betterment of everyone.


To truly eradicate  hunger ,conflict ,apathy, famine, disease, crime and inequality we need to achieve a post scarcity society. A society  were economic models are superfluous. I have uploaded a document called "The Way Upward".


In this document I go into detail on how to achieve such a world. It is thus in the best interest of the United Nations to review the recommendations in the named document


I thank you for your time


Regards Mahesh Moodley

See the attachment: The Way Upward.pdf