Re: The e-Consultation on Hunger, Food and Nutrition Security

Claudio Schuftan PHF, Viet Nam

If we have made so much progress on the MDGs, then why is the central message after twelve years the same? We are still facing a world with hunger, widening inequalities and continuous destruction of our planet. Instead of jumping into the process of defining new goals we need to analyze why, behind the numbers and statistics of progress, the situation has not changed.


MDGs focus on ends while being silent on the means. The values and principles expressed in the Millenium Declaration were lost in translation and we were left with a set of quick wins in which progress was measured in terms of country averages. The MDGs were defined and implemented in a top-down process and issues of governance, participation and empowerment were insufficiently addressed. World leaders have tried to solve our problems by simply doing more of what caused these problems in the first place. We cannot realistically expect more of this to get us out of it. If we want the next set of goals to change the situation we need to have the courage to make a radical turn in our approach.


We will elaborate further on this in future postings.


N. Eggermont

C. Schuftan