Re: The e-Consultation on Hunger, Food and Nutrition Security

Emily Levitt Ruppert FAO/WFP Facilitation Team, United States of America

Dear all,

My name is Emily Levitt Ruppert and I am contributing to the discussion as a member of the FAO/WFP Facilitation Team with a specific interest in nutrition. In reviewing the submissions so far, and with specific reference to Theme 1 (Opportunities and Challenges) and Theme 2 (“How” should malnutrition challenges be addressed?), I've picked out a few lines I think deserve further discussion.  One quote I find particularly thought provoking is:

"...there has been knowledge that the war against malnutrition can only be fought at the community level, but the community-based and decentralization approaches are  seriously missing in all actions."

How might we as a development community with 'high level' goals such as the MDGs/SPGs address this global call for greater local-level planning (e.g. decentralized approach) to improve hunger, food and nutrition security? 
Are there country models that any one of you could highlight as good practice?

Looking forward to your feedback on the above.

Emily Levitt Ruppert, M.S., Ph.D.

Coordinator, Agriculture-Nutrition Community of Practice

FAO/WFP Facilitation Team

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