Re: The e-Consultation on Hunger, Food and Nutrition Security

Sahib Haq WFP, Pakistan

The respective governments have no commitment to meet the MDG targets. This led to the current situation instead of improvment, going to more worst condition in terms of poverty, hunger, food insecurity and over all vulnerability to shocks. 

Nothing went well in the past decade because of low  priority, despite struggle and support by donors and UN agencies. The low level of commitment spoiled the initiatives. In many countries including Pakistan, there is no policy to take care of the population but even did not try to balance the terms of trade between various livelihoods, geo-locations and types of population groups. 

The best strategy could be to put more pressure on the government and even make a condition for donation/aid/loan to adop/implement certain  measures leading to improve food security.

The goals for 2015 are very optimistic and they don't seem to be met in many developing countries.

We should go step wise, otherwise, the whole concept of MDG, especially of food security will lose its importance.