Re: The e-Consultation on Hunger, Food and Nutrition Security

Lawrence Haddad Institute of Development Studies, United Kingdom

I really welcome the Zero Hunger Challenge.  I think it  is the right level of ambition and aspiration.  It has dimensions that apply to all countries, not just the poorer ones--everyone has a role and a responsibility. 


The components on stunting, waste and smallholder productvitiy may be able to be applied at country level, but the sustainable food systems and adequate food all year round are more internationally determined. 2040 seems like a good time horizon, with maybe a set of mid term goals in 2025.  I think the key is the Zero-just as we have to think about an end to aid, we have to begin talking about an end to hunger.  The more we talk about it as a possibility, the more we will internalise the challenge. 


My biggest problem with ZHC is that there is no accountability--we don't know whether different actors are pulling their weight.  That's why I would like to have some indicators relating to measuring commitment to reduce hunger (national level actions on spending, policies, charters, for example).


You might want to check out a blog I did on the MDGs in general (which talks about accountability)

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