Re: The e-Consultation on Hunger, Food and Nutrition Security


The three important components of food security are (1) food availability (2) accessibility and (3) absorption and/or utilization. Recently added fourth component is food system stability. Further these components in-turn influence each other. Like higher availability will lead to affordable price of food commodity and hence improved accessibility. Similarly higher food system stability will lead to price stability and stability in affordability. But asset/income distribution determines not only food accessibility to different classes but also aggregate food production/availability in an economy (as different category of farmers will have preference for production of different commodities). To harness the synergy of these components in improving food security, multi-pronged interventions are needed both at national level and global level.

For elaborating these linkages between these different components of food security and highlight some suggested intervention measures the references cited in the attachment file were used.

In addition to the targets mentioned in the attachment file, per capita available cultivatable land can also be a monitorable target for ensuring food security.

P.A.Lakshmi Prasanna


See the attachment: PA LAKSHMI PRASANNA.pdf