Re: The e-Consultation on Hunger, Food and Nutrition Security

Stella Joy Active Remedy Ltd, United Kingdom

 I wish to share this information with you concerning food security and hope it may be of interest and assistance.

Food Security is utterly dependent upon fresh water security. For an adequate supply of fresh water it is vital to understand, protect and regenerate the global fresh water cycle and the natural ecological factors, which maintain it.

There seems to be a severe lack of attention being focused on this matter and feel it to be critically important that it be raised as a vital issue to be dealt with within the global agenda. It is immensely important to recognize the key roles that ecosystems, especially mountains, mountain forests and wetlands play in maintaining fresh water quantity and quality globally.  It is important that supportive efforts that protect, sustainably manage and restore these ecosystems are given major focus.

"We recognize the key role that ecosystems play in maintaining water quantity and quality and support actions within the respective national boundaries to protect and sustainably manage these ecosystems." (UNCSD Rio+20 2012 ‘The Future We Want’ Paragraph 122)

Food security is vital for the continuum of humanity and could conceivably be realized if concerted action to protect and secure the worlds fresh water is taken.

See the attachment: WATER SECURITY BRIEF