Re: The e-Consultation on Hunger, Food and Nutrition Security

Sergio Tripi Good News Agency, Italy

It is of paramount importance in the forthcoming year that international institutions make public opinion aware of what they could do with financial resources deriving from a reduction of military expenses. Such a programme of information was pursued steadily by FAO in the Eighties and the parallelism between the cost of a nuclear submarine and the contribution to development it could be converted into was very effective and started to instil a new awareness in people's mind.


This programme could well be orchestrated by all UN Agencies, specific examples could be agreed by all of them, than each of them could put each example in relation to their own specific goals and objectives.  The most striking examples would constitute a strong basis for an annual conference that, year after year, would build up a new awareness on part of the public opinion. And each year, the most striking example of "potential conversion" would win the "Best Way to Convert Military Spending" prize.