Re: Addressing food insecurity in protracted crises: adequate and appropriate funding mechanisms

Subindu Paul Shushilan, Bangladesh

(The followings are personal comments. Does not represent any organizational view)

Dear All, Why we are talking about funding mechanism in the field of food security? Does agricultural land stop producing crop plants? Does climatic parameters not supporting production? Is cultivable land expanding or shrinking day by day? Does our farmer community reluctant to cultivate food grains? Why agricultural inputs production and supply controlled day by day by middle man other than farmers? Does producer groups around the world familiar with modern research out puts? Does concern government department not play favorable role to farming? Does farmer community not aware on disaster risk reduction? Why crisis affected community do not have their contingency food stock of it's own? Why developmental organizations got fund from multiple channels on same issue? Is there any zoning of funding demand? Does existing funding mechanisms consider holistic approach?

Disaster in any form provides scope to review on the area of development needed. Food security in written document makes me uneasy unless community reports on damage of crops in disaster. Those production zone has more crops there would be more loss immediate after crisis. And it is an evidence of food security for that zone. Funding channel should be mobilize in that zone in single track.