Re: Rights-based approaches to Food Security in Protracted Crises

Abbas Rahi Iraqi Organization for Rehabilitating Society and Environment (NGOs ), Iraq

Although most countries are trying to show that being interested in the principles of human rights and support for democracy in their countries, especially the Third World countries, including Arab countries. But he unfortunately canceled this principles upon the occurrence of crises or uprising and opposition to its rule resulting outcome occurred violation of human rights and inhumane humans, which stipulates respect for religions and constitutions local or international conventions

The absence of long-term strategic programs in Iraq has contributed to the growth and conflicts that led to the aggravation of poverty and destitution among many members of the community and that the result led to a systematic violation of the principles of human rights.
We are in Iraq at the present time are afraid of a return to armed groups that pose a threat to the political process in Iraq and its regional surroundings.  The first to be affected by the marginalized classes and the poor, minorities, and children and women.
Iraq is now under the hammer, anvil because of its location between the international and regional policies that surround it, including the problems of Syria - Iran - Turkey.

Result led to a worsening sectarian conflict between members of the community even though some try to deny it, but the facts show that the next conflict is sectarian
The challenges facing Iraqi society, for example, is a lot of conflict within the country and the different partners of the political process, which in turn led to the outbreak of administrative corruption and squandering of public money and the lack of infrastructure, lack of activation of some of the decisions that contribute to the provision of the minimum requirements for human beings to live in freedom and dignity.

Iraq has passed since 2003, many problems and that the most important lesson may well defined Iraqi society is to work a single national spirit and peaceful coexistence between groups of the same society and that their differences in backgrounds, nationalities and religions must be that invests a force and not a weakness walk into external programs.
Unfortunately, that Iraqi society has reached a state of pain in solving its problems despite being a country rich oil, and now citizen feel no desire to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections (April 30, 2014) for being   suitable alternative to these faces and parties repeated in winning elections

To be their places of business that the main player and the main aggravation or solving crises are religious institutions in Iraq, which proved to have a key role in supporting the peaceful co-existence in Iraq of different ideas, but that happens from time to time is the emergence of groups do not have a big impact in the community adopts  external programs are implemented provoke confusion and fear and then worsened the situation between the members of the community.

The second basic Despite being does not have the same elements of the former is the institutions of civil society , NGOs and the community began to give their  confidence is better than previous years despite being have an expertise sufficient in the management of crises that occur and most of their roles was to provide and deliver humanitarian aid or adopt Initiative  for peace and educate community concepts of human rights or peace-building , etc., but in spite of this privilege to it is in dire need of training for the transfer of new skills and techniques for the community to change in some culture  society misconceptions and development activists performance for writing shadow reports and monitor the performance of the work of the government.

To work without the occurrence of such crises, there must be a strict regulatory program to monitor the work and performance of the government that was on the local and international level.

Transparency in the work of state institutions and the government is still below the level of ambition in Iraq, where the lack of confidence of the partners in governance has contributed significantly to the growing violence and the growth of conflicts between the fabric of Iraqi society, one which led to the intervention of some states and terrorist groups to make Iraq the instability and settling of accounts armed groups. to be re - building confidence between the partners of the political process and educate decision-makers and executive powers to the principles of respect for human rights and democracy support.

We urgently need to activate investment laws because it is an important part of the development of the country and the elimination of unemployment, especially in infrastructure and agriculture, which are associated with plants Fertilizers or canning and agricultural mechanization and agricultural banks, but unfortunately the instability of the security situation and the lack of clarity in the political process has made businessmen of foreign and even local escapes from investment in Iraq.

The economic factor in Iraq is moving day after day about the deterioration despite the fact that there are some good programs adopted by the government, but mismanagement and widespread corruption and cronyism between the parties led to the failure of many programs that were at the level of agriculture or industry.