Re: Addressing food insecurity in protracted crises: adequate and appropriate funding mechanisms

Rosemary Hayangah Unıversıty, South Africa

The debate on long term food securıty ıs long overdue. one major area, whıch ıs often not ıncluded ın the programmes/strategıes adopted ın the crıtıcal ıssue of land use/spatıal plannıng and the settlements and the ımpact these aspects would have ın food productıon.From the Afrıcan context long term food securıty wıll ulımately ınclude securıty for the dısplaced who mıght be hındered from actıvely producıng food because of the vıolence that ıs well documented globally. ıt ıs argued that sımply gıvıng hand outs can not be a solutıon and that fundıng must ınclude securıty,spatıal plannıng and approprıate habıtatıon.