Re: Addressing food insecurity in protracted crises: Resilience-building programming

Albert Yeboah Obeng Foresight Generation Club, Ghana

1. New approaches is important and should be encouraged however the best and better methods should be tried and tested programmes which has achieve both direct and indirect position and measurable impacts in other regions and communities, user friendly programmes and innovation is a key requirement in building resilence .

2. Projects and programmes that is having the measurable and desired impact has been innovative and improved approaches that are user friendly and a practical examble of such projects is one of our ongoing projects which seeks to use Information Communication Technologial (ICT) tools and application which are user friendly to supporting existing farmers and new prospective farmers and smallholder farmers to improving food production and better and timely access to food and farm produce timely for the importance to prospective beneficiary communities and countries.

3. Better  monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes will enable a good accessment of ongoing projects to determine how new projects should be designed and implimented in other areas of importance and need.

4. Prediction for upcoming and future projects can be based on the impacts of past projects and better information gathered on past projects and other factors which is really known in catchment and beneficiary communities and areas and hence such predications can be very useful to setting guidlines and committment for success and improvement for projects.

5. The lack of innovatio in the design and the lack of involvement of the local people in the core aspects of such projects has one of the key factors which has negatively affected the success of such projects in the past and there is the need to improve with time and work in collaboration with selected local stakholders in the beneficiaries.

6. The success and impacts of good projects does not depand on the largness and the bigger the project, however the better planing and judicious use of project resources including better finacial management and local collaborations is vital to projects success and impacts.

7. Demographic and ecological considerations are key to projects success and this needs to be done with project expert planners and also key local stakholders and actors who are skills and knowledgable in the prospective beneficiary communities and countries.