Re: Addressing food insecurity in protracted crises: Resilience-building programming

Abbas Rahi Iraqi Organization for Rehabilitating society and Environment , Iraq

I  trust this e-discussion will make a significant contribution to understanding the problems and conflicts . Iraq consider one of the countries suffer address food insecurity in protracted . My thoughts includes two main factors its Interiors and Exterior ….

Despite the existence of several definitions of the concept of  "Resilience "   but everyone agreed to the principle of the ability of societies to adapt to overcome the crisis , But I see the Resilience  or stability comes from two main factors:

First: Internal factors:

We must Study the roots of the problem and is done through a deal with the internal factors that affect the affected community, which is suffering from crises and  food insecurity in protracted crisis as limited  planning, local government and the absence of strategies, long-term and the presence of some cultures the wrong community, war and its consequences which are still people suffer from non-ways  use modern scientific irrigation, agriculture and boost agricultural investment and economic contributed directly to the continuation of this crisis.
Proposals and Recommendations
1 - promote agriculture through the establishment of banks agricultural to provide financial grants interest-free and have repayment periods long-term development of agriculture and support during crises as is the case in Iraq, where the government has exempted farmers to pay their debts to Bank of Iraq's agricultural or compensate farmers financially because of the floods that occurred this year 2013
2 - Develop a long-term strategy through a joint collaboration between farm associations (agricultural) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Planning and Finance
3 - Use of modern scientific methods of agricultural machine and irrigation and the provision of agricultural pesticides and fertilizers at subsidized prices by the government
4 - Establishment of centers for agricultural research and supported by the government and the emphasis on the protection and preservation of the environment and work to support and activate the concept of environment and sustainable development
5 – Changing  some local laws to support the agricultural sector and to encourage agricultural investment.
6 - develop joint strategic plans to support the agricultural sector and education and health in country sides  and to focus on the role of women in rural development
7 – Must be changing  some  wrong  cultures in local communities  which  uses bad water and agricultural  harvest and sale of agricultural land to do instead of housing or markets, which led to reduced rates of agricultural land as it is now in Iraq
8 - opening new markets for the export of agricultural crops to encourage small farmers to modern agriculture
9 -  Establishment of peasant associations for the defense of the rights of farmers and their causes.

Second: External factors:

Here  , all the responsibility of the international community to support countries that suffer from food insecurity and the continued crisis, where the absence of global peace and security have a direct impact on the local development of the countries and the continuing crises and  then a new countries are affected by this crisis.

Proposals and Recommendations
1 -  The occupying powers have direct responsibility for these crises, so it must do its legal and moral responsibility in the direct contribution to alleviate the suffering and crises that cause food insecurity.
2 - Create internationalist Bank called "Bank food security", for example, contribute to the rich countries and the occupying powers to finance projects through:  
A - to alleviate the suffering of the local population through the rapid delivery of humanitarian aid and programmed "is not a reaction to a certain position and then stops"
B - Develop a long-term strategy to support local governments in those countries for the development of agriculture and the establishment of agricultural banks and urged countries to agricultural investment, with an emphasis on environmental protection
C - To help the local community to develop its ability through literacy programs and the establishment of agricultural institutes and their involvement in training courses and conferences.
D - Support regional cooperation for countries that have common interests in conflict  areas, Such as, solve the water problem between Iraq - Turkey and Syria through the signing of a cooperation agreement.

Abbas Rahi                                                              
Director of : Iraqi Organization for Rehabilitating society and Environment