Re: Mainstreaming Food Security into Peacebuilding Processes

Henk-Jan Brinkman United Nations, United States of America

Dear all,

It is important to mainstream food security into peacebuilding but I would argue that the reverse is equally or even more important given the size of the programmes.   Cullen Hendrix and I have higlighted int he attached ways to do that.   To quote:

"FAO-WFP (2010) identifies five characteristics of protracted crises: duration or longevity; conflict; weak governance or public administration; unsustainable livelihood systems and poor food security outcomes; and breakdown of local institutions. These characteristics are quite common in the Sahel. Food security interventions through the integration of a peacebuilding approach could address these symptoms of a protracted crisis through the generation of peace dividends, the reduction of conflict drivers, the enhancement of social cohesion, and the building of legitimacy and capacity of governments."

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