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Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition • FSN Forum

Africa Regional Overview of Food Security and Nutrition 2016: the Challenges of Building Resilience to Shocks and Stresses

Since 2015, Sub-Saharan Africa has experienced severe climate-induced disruptions as a result of the El Niño weather phenomenon. The severity and extent of the ongoing El Niño, with its related droughts and floods have been considered the worst since the turn of the century, and have affected the livelihoods of tens of millions of poor households. This is compounded by the increasing frequency of other shocks - civil strife and conflicts, increasing incidence of trans-boundary plant and animal pests and diseases as well as socio-economic shocks that are likely to reverse years of progress, undermining efforts by African governments to attain food security and nutrition. Because of the importance FAO and UNECA attach to resilience building, the theme of the 2016 edition of the Regional Overview of Food Security and Nutrition in Africa is: “The Challenge of Building Resilience to Shocks and Stresses”. Thus, an entire section of this report (Part 3) focuses on issues and response mechanisms for building resilience to shocks related to food security and nutrition in the context of climate change and conflicts. The report presents in Parts 1 and 2 respectively the prevalence and trends in malnutrition, and policies and programmes in support of their improvements.