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Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition • FSN Forum

Beyond “temporal” resilience: results that withstand the test of time

This document summarizes the online discussion Transforming gender relations in agriculture through women’s empowerment: benefits, challenges and trade-offs for improving nutrition outcomes, held on FAO’s Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum) from 26 June to 15 July 2016, and facilitated by Nitya Rao, Nigel Poole, Barnali Chakraborty and Haris Gazdar from the Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia (LANSA) programme.

The discussion aimed at gathering information on processes and good practices regarding policy changes that empower women in agriculture, and how these changes have altered women’s and, subsequently, children’s nutrition status. In addition, it specifically called for sharing experiences regarding women’s roles in agriculture and agribusiness value chains in Afghanistan in order to inform interventions that recognize and support women’s contribution to livelihood security.