RE: Nutrition, education and awareness raising developments in the progressive realization of the right to adequate food

Manuel Castrillo Proyecto Camino Verde, Costa Rica

Greetings to all. As you point some members, the approach of concepts that are desfazados and rhetoric are given, the "future is now" reads out there. Reporting mechanisms established by the great majority of countries today, give people the basic facts of daily intake per serving, that does not guarantee, nor that people have the habit of reading and on the other hand, it really much what put on labels is such. Thus we see how foods made in some Asian countries for more labels, they are dangerous and have caused deaths (extreme cases), having to involve governments emergency. In another scenario, the ingredients are not adulterated or contain the specified expected quality. Besides, it is the case that even if the whole world nformation, food shortages have other origins; and many professionals, activists and others have highlighted food waste in the world, the problem solution has been long overdue. But we continue with the speculation business and government (political) to solve this. The politics of global agencies, has no real mechanisms to enforce or punish these attitudes, they are more of a moral than technical or economic. The situation with climate change imposes special circuntanscias and its effect is measurable and long avallasador, time flies.

Policies and measures are raised although consistent with the goals and objectives for 2025, they depederán of "Political Will" of governments and economic sectors much power to be effective. In paragraph 7 of the introduction of the voluntary guidelines says: "The

Food should not be used as an instrument of political and economic pressure. "Condition as it is difiíl eradicate, together with countless other elements, which does not give you the convenience to the statement required by most human rights who want to argue. (points 8 and 9)

I am by no means pessimistic, just realistic. Throughout the speech he noted the bases in the agreements and global declarations, the problem lies in why they have not been able to bring these principles into practice globally. Not voluntarily, would be best, but the feasibility of that "good will" would only Dable "more tax regulations" without falling into errors of coercion or restriction of fundamental freedoms. The conditions of access to land, labor and many other basic conditions would help greatly to achieve access to basic and nutritious food. It is therefore with political will of governments and companies would a viable solution. The equip humanity to the most needy and vulnerable of the right that is alleged is imperative responsibility and a moral, ethical and economic duty which they must continue sidestepping; eventually, some global players, will be a time bomb, unnecessary and unfair to live in human society.