RE: Nutrition, education and awareness raising developments in the progressive realization of the right to adequate food

Muhammad Ariful Haque Kamfisht Universe Engineering, Bangladesh

The people of third world are in great problem with formalin and other numbers of chemicals contaminated raw foods and fatal poisoning in processed foods.
Why farmers & food businessmen are influenced to adulterate food? The reasons are excess transportation time & cost, high cold storage cost & lack of sufficient cold storage, etc.

In this context, I think both local & international quick accessible more market places are needed to sell foods before rotten. I think it is possible by 'Multiple Bi-pass Highways connectivity with Trans Global Highway. This will also ensure Regional Balanced Development'. I believe by “trans global Highway” food price will go down due to this smooth communication system as well as tons of food will be saved from unexpected rotten . If possible, in Bangladesh, BIWTC can launch Speed boat service from district level terminals to Thana level terminals and even if possible village level terminals. It will save cost of traveling, time, and safe waterways from grabbers.
“Food Air transportation Authority” can be formed to ensure cheap & faster transportation of food.

Sufficient Environment friendly low cost food reservoirs could be set up with the funding of banks and these storage should not be used to increase food price rather than public interest. Controlled Biological pest control system need to be implemented to avoid chemicals. Bio-fertilizers needed more to avoid chemical fertilizers.

Another significant problem is lack of knowledge on nutrition, malnutrition of food, and obesity & its relevant problems due to over consuming any specific food.
To avoid malnutrition, we need strong campaign on “Allowed for all- Recipe Arrangement having Nutrition Nourishment (RANNA)” in local languages that developed by FAO. All levels of educational curriculums should contain about nutrition and ICT along with printed media are significant tools in this regard.

Year 2014 was declared as year of Family farming. I think family based vegetable gardening, and fish farming at Rooftop, Indoor, and Veranda in urban and rural areas could be significant way of acquiring nutrition (fishes contain omega-3 fatty acids which are highly beneficial to health, ref:
. Domestic wastage could be used in there. This model will help to influence kids to do large scale environment friendly activities in future. In this context, I want to talk about keeping Tilapia fish at aquarium which can play positive role in economy of Bangladesh rather than amateur fishes in aquarium. We can campaign for to make a habit to producing fishes on rooftop tank, indoor tank/aquarium beside as usual fish production.

Not only ingredients of food but also merits & demerits should be mentioned on the packet of food, so that consumers could be acknowledged about the food and that packet should environment friendly as well ensure food safety.

Local consumer right activists, social activists, environmental activists, religious bodies, farmers, businessmen, journalists, engineers, doctors, standard testing institution, and law applying authority along with international bodies need work more closely to solve this problem.

All we have to believe, and campaign that we all reserve the right to consume adequate good food.

Best regards

Muhammad Ariful Haque
CEO, Kamfisht Universe Engineering
Partner, Global Water Partnership
Partner, Global Soil Partnership of FAO, UN