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Призыв к обмену опытом и передовыми практиками по использованию и применению Добровольных руководящих принципов в поддержку постепенного осуществления права на достаточное питание в контексте национальной продовольственной безопасности

The Voluntary Guidelines for the Right to Adequate Food in the Context of National Food Security (VGRtF) were developed and endorsed by the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) in 2004 and are one of the overarching frameworks for the work of the CFS. The implementation of the Guidelines are primarily the responsibility of States who are encouraged, with the contribution of all stakeholders, to apply them in developing their strategies, policies, programmes and legislation for achieving food security and nutrition objectives. The Guidelines take into account a wide range of important considerations and human rights principles (participation, accountability, non-discrimination, transparency, human dignity, empowerment and rule of law) to guide activities designed to improve food security, taking into account the need for emphasis on poor and vulnerable people:

The Committee on World Food Security invites you to share experiences and good practices on the use and application of the Voluntary Guidelines for the Right to Adequate Food in the Context of National Food Security (VGRtF).

The inputs received will contribute to the identification, sharing and documentation of experiences in the use and application of the VGRtF, and good practices that have contributed to their success. In this context, good practices are interventions or approaches that deserve to be shared as examples in order to facilitate greater use, implementation and monitoring of the VGRtF.

Examples include interventions to mainstream the right to food into legal and policy frameworks; establishment of participatory mechanism for governing food policy decisions; establishment of public remedy mechanisms for violations to the right to food; training for developing capacity to use and apply VGRtF of civil society, lawyers or government officials; initiatives to monitor the right to food at local, national or regional levels.

Inputs will contribute to monitoring progress on the use and application of the VGRtF, both from a qualitative and quantitative perspective. All inputs will be compiled in a document made available for delegates at CFS 45 in October 2018.

In identifying and documenting good practices, please consider the values promoted by CFS, as applicable: 

  • Inclusiveness and participation:  all relevant actors were involved and participated in the decision-making process, including those affected by the decisions;
  • Evidence-based analysis: the effectiveness of the practice in contributing to the lives and livelihoods of the beneficiaries was analysed on the basis of independent evidence;
  • Environmental, economic and social sustainability: the practice contributed to achieving its objectives, without compromising the ability of addressing future needs;
  • Gender Equality: the practice promoted equal rights and participation of women and men and addressed gender inequalities;
  • Focus on the most vulnerable and marginalized people and groups: the practice benefitted the most vulnerable and marginalized people and groups;
  • Multi-sectoral approach: all main relevant sectors were consulted and involved in the implementation of the VGRtF;
  • Resilience of livelihoods: the practice contributed to building resilient livelihoods of households and communities to shocks and crises, including those related to climate change.

The deadline for submissions is 23 October 2017. Submissions can be made in any of the UN languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish).

Please use the submission form to share your experience.
You can download it here:

You can upload the completed form below or send it via email to [email protected].

We thank you in advance for your support and input.

Deborah Fulton
CFS Secretary