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Re: The future of food security and climate change in Malawi

emma gausi
emma gausiworld agroforestry centerMalawi

The four scenarios capture much of the issues relating to underdevelopment in the country. I would like to see Malawi attain the Mkaka ndi Uchi scenario but I feel like the mbombo scenario seems the one more probable to happen in the next 50 years if the country does not change and learn from past experiences. Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. There already exist well developed policies and strategies in the country that clearly states most of the problems that have been explained in the scenarios. I think it is important to also look at why most of these policies are not resulting into the necessary transformations.  There is a mix of factors that are affecting the country. These include high corruption levels, little emphasis on developmental investments such as infrastructure, manufacturing and many more. In addition the country also faces a burden arising from effects from HIV/AIDs that cannot be ignored. All these factors need to be tackled if Malawi wants to move towards the Mkaka ndi Uchi scenario.

On drivers of development, Malawi needs to take advantage of the vast youth base that is being underutilized. Also there is need to change emphasis on subsistence agriculture to more commercial agriculture. And Malawi needs to diversify its export base. Tobacco used to be a lucrative crop some years back. There are many other crops let alone other sectors that Malawi can diversify to. There are too many efforts on development by different partners each following their own agendas and rules. Harmonization of development efforts would help the country move towards development.

On key first steps, everyone need to get involved but we need political buy in. We need to fight corruption. Building strong and effective institutions would help the country fight corruption. The country need to invest in education. A graduate a family would be a great idea.